LEGS’ services create new value
via solutions that connect companies, places and consumers.
We develop a variety of services in order to communicate and move people, things and information as a form of promotion,
positioning all forms of marketing activities as “Experiential Entertainment”.


    Marketing Solutions A marketing solutions service

    Connecting products and consumers, consumers and
    sales channels seamlessly, with seasoned professionals
    from each industry selecting promotion schemes
    in order to transform behaviours. 
    Knowhow gathered through experience spanning
    over 30 years and 600 companies is LEGS’ strength.


    Food Entertainment A food entertainment service

    We develop a food entertainment service through
    collaboration cafes which utilize IP content
    such as characters, artists, and game etc.
    Starting with IP selection, and licensing agreement
    with copyright holders, we produce everything
    up to the cafe interior, original menu,
    special goods and shop operation.


    IP Contents Business An IP content business

    At LEGS, we specialise in “Content Collaboration”
    using IP content such as characters/artists/
    anime/games/video creators.
    Starting with the IP holder,
    we offer a service that connects
    IP content and marketing for companies.


QCDS Management Function Production, Quality and Supply Management

LEGS views manufacturing and creation
from the perspective of bringing joy to customers,
and we select and build optimal supply chains
in order to offer services that match client needs.
Client needs can be expressed as Quality,
Cost, Delivery and Service, and we believe
it is out mission to maximize
this “QCDS” through production, quality and supply management systems.