What sustainability is to LEGS

Group management philosophy is “Continue to contribute to the advancement of society”.
This forms the foundation for LEGS’s thinking regarding sustainability.
As society advances, so does the scope of social responsibility companies should bear,
and at LEGS we incorporate a variety of sustainability activities not just in terms of industry environment
and quality policies, but also by having each employee think about
how to contribute to the environment, society and economy.

Sustainability Policy

We create both financial and social impacts by enhancing sustainability throughout our entire business value chain.
That is how we add values to our brand.

(Est. : 2022/03/11)

Environmental Policy

  1. At our group, we recognize that protecting the natural environment is an important issue for all mankind, we conduct corporate activities with environmental conservation in mind.
  2. At our group, we strive to make effective use of resources and energy throughout the entire lifecycle of our own activities and products, reduce waste, prevent pollution and aim to protect and improve the environment


Quality Policy

  1. At our group, we deliver sincere and quality services to our customers at reasonable prices.
  2. At our group, we aim for zero problems, and constantly strive to improve work and labour methods.


Procurement Policy

  1. Partnership and shared prosperity At our company we aim to build relationships based on a mutual trust and prosperity with irreplaceable partners.
  2. Fair and even transactions At our company we conduct fair and even transactions in terms of quality, price, delivery time and overall service, based on the principles of free competition.
  3. Thorough compliance At our company we promise to thoroughly comply with the relevant laws and ethical standards.
    We prohibit actions resulting in extracting unreasonable or improper profits from out partners.


Contributions to both society
and environment

Neighborhood Cleanup

LEGS conducts weekly cleanup activities around the head office. These activities have been ongoing since 2012, and are gradually being recognized by the local people.

Participation in the “Minato Eco-Conscious Consortium”

The “Minato Eco-Conscious Consortium” is a collection of companies and businesses working on environmental and CSR issues in Minato-Ward.
They participate in various measures design to meet the unique needs of the city center when it comes to reducing impact on the environment.

Fund Raising

In response to an employee wondering if there was a way to help those affected by natural disasters in Japan, a donation campaign was started.
By delivering money raised internally to affected areas through the Japanese Red Cross Society, we provide aid to reconstruction projects.

Ensuring Security,
Safety and Quality

ISO14001 & 9001 certifications, Privacy Mark

LEGS was one of the first companies in the industry to get the strictly screened “Sony Green Partnership Certification”, as well as ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certifications, and a “Privacy Mark”.

Further, in order to maintain these standards of environment, quality and information, LEGS has its own “Quality Standards”, “Management Flow”, “Management Format” and “Quality Management System” etc in place, and works to provide quality, security and safety along with its services.