LEGS As a Company

At LEGS we believe what is important for all things can be summed up with the words
we learn in elementary school ethics and writing classes;
“dreams, goals, effort, sincerity, courage, passion, affection, challenge, trust, care, humility and honesty”.
In other words, the essence of success is important to people, as well as doing the right thing, and should be the fundamental basis for decision making in both life and business.
We want to do great work with partners who can do business with
this way of thinking as their basis.
These partners and comrades may start as the flickering light of 10, 100, 1,000 and even 10,000 people.
Then with this family and others together, it become a bright flame.
If it grows more, it might change the local area, Japan, and even help
make a better world.
This is the type of organization
LEGS wants to be.


Bringing fun and joy to the world with the power of marketing and entertainment.

As professionals who believe in the power of Marketing x Entertainment, we strive to always offer new and valuable experiences or services to the people of the world, by adding a bit of fun and joy to "everyday life", and to give people something to smile about. At LEGS, that's our goal and reason for existing.


The world’s number one company when it comes to making shopping fun.

The products, services, and experiences we offer move people's hearts and make their daily lives a little bit more fun and exciting when they shop. 
When it comes to this, we're the number one company worldwide. That's the future we're aiming for.


Fan Base.

We treat everyone relates to LEGS, be they consumers, clients, partners, employees and their families or shareholders as beloved "LEGS fans" and conduct our business with this "fan base" at the center.
● Entertain the fans with all our might, as well as ourselves.
● Meet the fans' expectations and continue to exceed them.
● Believe in the fans and aim to be happy together with them.
● Keep pushing forward and growing together with the fans to create even more fun.

A visionary company

LEGS aims to be a visionary company. A visionary company is one that holds a vision and challenges change, continuing to be a great corporation throughout the ages. According to Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras who defined the idea of a “visionary company”, they have the following attributes:

A precondition for becoming a visionary company is a focused business area in order to raise basic work to a level of technique. Starting from only production, in order to branch out to a variety of businesses, managers need a leader with the necessary wit and capable of the required effort.

LEGS wants to help cultivate leaders who aren’t afraid of change, create new business and continue to grow it.

A visionary company

Human development with a philosophical base

LEGS sees not only the “business model” as a basis for growth, but also the humanity of its employees. In an ever changing environment, no company has a perfect and correct business mat ter what situation we find ourselves in, we believe the humanity and ability of our teammates will allow us to overcome it.

With that thinking as a basis,  our employees share, understand and realize our group management philosophy and the spirit of the law, and we operate our human resources on the basis of growth.

Philosophy education & management education

Executives, and the CEO in particular, give lectures on our group management philosophy and the spirit of the law as well as our fundamental way of thinking and what we view as important to life and work, where employees are able to share and debate these topics.

Further, there are also lectures on management skills led by the CEO, executives and relevant people. We strive to develop leaders who are not only good at their job, but also garner respect on a personal level.

The spirit of the law

Our “spirit of the law” is a collection of roughly 60 phrases which include the teachings (philosophies, options, wisdom) of various leaders and managers, which guide our employees daily actions and decisions. By having a unified set of policies, fundamentals and language, they not only guide them in decision making, but also help foster understanding and strengthen the organisation.

Employees can carry them in the form of a book or cards, so they can check and access them at any time.