LEGS is a company that puts
the things important to people
at the centre of our work.


I established this company when I was 27. I didn’t know the first thing about business, so what I did was to learn from the best managers. Starting with Kōnosuke Matsushita, Kazuo Inamori, etc.

In particular, I focused less on their “way of doing”, but more on their fundamental “way of thinking”. As I learned how these industry leaders thought, I noticed there was a commonality.

This was that in both life and business, the most important things could be encapsulated with the words we learn in elementary school ethics and writing classes. The words; dreams, goals, effort, sincerity, courage, passion, affection, challenge, trust, care, humility and honesty. In other words, the essence of success, what is most important to people, and what is truly right, is found in the simplest and nearest of places.

As we age in years, perhaps we lose sight of the truth, or perhaps we forget it along with the past.

For me, this was a huge realization in my life. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say this realization was the foundation of the rest of my life.

For living ones life, and running a company, the sum of each choice is what creates the current result. If you want good results, you need to have good choices. Essentially, it is important for people to make what is important for people, and what is right the foundation of their decisions.

I want to run the company as a person like this, with a standard of decision making as the basis. Thus, I aim to nurture partners who operate with this way of thinking too.

I communicate my passion for business to them constantly. I want to create marvelous business ventures beyond what I’d imagined by working with marvelous people, and for them to work hard in their business to help their partners.

I hope to live life based on this realization, and to create an organization where everyone shares a dream, and works together to make it come true. These partners and comrades may start as the flickering light of 10 people, growing to 100, 1,000 and even 10,000. Then with this family together, it creates a bright flame. If it grows more, it might change the local area, society, and even become something that makes a better Japan.

It is with this dream that I want to grow LEGS.

  • Chairman & CEO
  • Junichiro Uchikawa


Chairman & CEO Junichiro Uchikawa
President & CEO Satoshi Yamashita
Head Office
Tokyo, Minato Ward, Minami Aoyama 2 Chome, 26-1 D-LIFE PLACE MINAMIAOYAMA 11f & 12f
Aug. 2021
350 million JPY
Sales Promotion, Entertainment


CL Holdings Inc.
Business related to group business management, etc.
CDG Co., Ltd.
Offer marketing communication plans, planning and implementation of promotional marketing solutions,
planning and implementation of client’s overall business operation solutions.
Food entertainment service through collaboration cafes
which utilize IP content.
Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of
miscellaneous goods such as figures and soft toys.
Entertainment production, new business construction support, planning and implementation of various campaign types, development, production and sales of premium and OEM products.
Quality control and production management for a range of goods and OEM products, product planning and sales for the Chinese domestic market.
Promotion planning, development and implementation.


Mar. 1988
LEGS Co., Ltd. established in 3-Chome Jingumae, Shibuya-ward Tokyo for the purposes of product planning, development, manufacturing and sales
Mar. 1991
SIP Co., Ltd., established as a subsidiary for marketing planning and design
Jul. 2001
Listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange (Currently Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Standard))
Jun. 2004
LEGS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters) and SIP Co., Ltd. acquire ISO14001 certification
May. 2006
LEGS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters) and SIP Co., Ltd. acquire Privacy Mark Certification
Jan. 2008
LEGS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters) and SIP Co., Ltd. acquire ISO9001 certification
Oct. 2008
LEGS (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China established for the purpose of providing marketing services
Nov. 2010
M & I Co., Ltd. fully acquired and make into a wholly owned subsidiary
Feb. 2011
LEGS (Shanghai) Marketing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China established for the purpose of providing marketing services
Mar. 2012
Established LEGS (Shenzhen) Trading Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, China with the main purpose of providing production and quality control consulting services to group companies
Oct. 2013
Merged with M & I Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2015
Market change to the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jun. 2015
Market change to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jan. 2020
CDG Co., Ltd became an equity-method affiliate through Tender Offer
Sep. 2021
Established LTR inc. a joint venture with Transit General Office Inc.
Jan. 2022
CDG Co., Ltd became a consolidated subsidiary by adoption of International Financial Reporting Standard(IFRS)
Jan. 2022
LEGS COMPANY, LTD. changes its corporate name to CL Holdings Inc. and shifted a holding company structure.