Our Business

Business Outline

"Building up a brand takes more than simply sending out messages with advertisements."
Based on this belief, our mission is to maximize your brand value and develop a system to increase sales by planning and offering the top brand experiences that best suits your product or service.

LEGS specializes in developing systems to increase sales at retail stores.

Business Outline

A.Campaign Planning

With so many different products lined up on the shelves of retail stores, sales promotional programs are a necessity to get consumers to pick up your product. An in-store campaign such as "Buy this and you'll have a chance to win X" is one of many types of sales promotional programs that LEGS specializes in and fully supports from planning to execution and operation.


Effectively communicating the message about your product at the store is one of the most important aspects in sales promotional programs. LEGS plans and produces POP and VMD that always communicates and maximizes a product's value effectively.

*POP stands for "point of purchase." These are tools and displays that are used to effectively promote product sales in-store. Using an innovative approach we create point of purchase displays that visually stand out.

*VMD stands for "visual merchandising." These are tools with compelling copy, signage, and eye-catching designs that are intended to grab the attention of consumers.

C.Premium Goods / Novelty

"When you buy product A, you will receive a free gift of X" or "Collect 3 stickers and receive X."
These are marketing examples that use promotional goods. These promotional goods are called "premium goods,"
and this is LEGS' specialty. We believe that premium goods are the most important marketing tool in maximizing brand value.

D.Database Marketing

Database marketing is a method of direct marketing where you categorize customers or potential consumers' characteristics and past purchasing tendencies in order to offer products and services that meet each and every consumer's wants. We are in an era where advertising marketing is so abundant that it is hard to connect with the consumer and we feel that database marketing, where we can reach out to the consumers individually and directly, is becoming more and more effective.